If a student enters their email and password and it is asking for a code from your email, this is due to an incorrect email being entered.  Please follow the below guide to ensure you're entering in the email correctly.


Step 1: Verify if they are entering in the full email address. 

When logging into a Chromebook, you need to enter the full email address and not just the username like you would for a computer/laptop in the school. 

For example, R20JBloggs@rushey-tmet.uk or KN20JBloggs@knighton-tmet.uk 

Step 2: Verify there are no spelling mistakes or spaces within the email or if its missing the hyphen in the address.

For sites like Orchard Mead Academy, we often see students putting the number 0 at the start of the username instead of the letter O for Orchard. Ensure the full email address is spelt correctly, depending on the school the email will be ending with;













If you have followed all the steps above and you're still having issues, put in a ticket and a technician can take a further look at the account.  Please make sure to put in the ticket the exact email the student is entering or a screenshot.