By default, the audio will only play on the slide it is on and only when it is clicked on by the user when it is in presenting mode. If you want to edit, play across slides etc. Skip to 'Play Audio/Recording Across Slides' section.

Step 1: To add audio, click on the slide that you want it to be attached to, or where you want the audio to start.

    Click on Insert -> Audio -> Record Audio

Step 2: Click on the Name box and give the recording suitable name.

    Click on record to start the recording.

Step 3: Start speaking and it will record everything that you say from now on.

    Once finished, click on the square STOP icon.

Step 4: To place the audio back, click on the Play icon, if you are happy click OK. If you would like to record again, click on record icon again.

(Note: Repeat this process for every slide you would like a different recording on.)

Step 5: You will now have an icon on your PowerPoint that is a speaker symbol, you can move this to any location on the slide. To play it back, click on the Play icon on the toolbar that appears. 

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How to Edit the Recording in Powerpoint

Step 1: When the audio icon is highlighted, go to the ribbon at the top and click;


    Playback -> Trim Audio

Step 2: Drag the green and red bars to cut out any audio that you do not require. 

Step 3: To review the clip, click on play, if you are happy, click on OK to save changes.

Step 4: Drag the green and red bars to cut out any audi