The Office applications suite can be downloaded on to any personal mobile device using your Academy email address whilst employed by TMET. Each user is licensed for up to 5 copies of Office on their own devices (including mobile/tablets). To download the Office suite onto a mobile device (iOS/Android), follow this guide. Alternatively, a guide on downloading the Office suite onto a Windows PC/Laptop or Mac device can be found here. If you require further assistance, please contact the helpdesk for advice.


1. On your mobile device, either go to the app store (Apple iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Search for the apps you will need - currently these are limited to Word, Excel & PowerPoint.


2. Once downloaded to your device, open the app and you should be presented with either an introduction to the app, or a login screen (depending on what device you are using). Either way, get to the login screen by tapping your way through the introduction to the app if applicable. The login screen should look something like this (you may need to select "Sign In" beforehand).


3. Enter your academy email address ( and password when prompted. You should then be signed in to the app and all other current/future Office applications on that device. You can either use the Office apps independantly on that device (save files to the phone/tablet you are on) - or, you can compliment the Office apps by downloading the "Foldr" app which will allow you access the Network and edit files on the go.

Please see this guide for downloading/setting up the Foldr app.

Please see this guide for opening files/saving files on mobile devices using Foldr.